Circulation Policy


Statement Of Policy:
Service is the most important function of the library; the loan of material is the primary service activity of the library.
Definition Of Service Area:
The services and resources of the Donald W. Reynolds Community Center and Library are available free of charge to anyone who lives in Bryan County or is a registered student at SOSU or the Kiamichi Technology Center.


Registration Of Borrowers:
    A. Bryan County Resident:  Library Cards are free to Bryan County residents. Both adult and juvenile borrowers are required to register by having an application card on file.

Patrons will be required to show official ID and  *proof of Bryan County address, such as utility bill to receive a library card the same day of application or the card must be mailed to verify the address.  All patrons must present their own library card to check out materials or use the computers.  Parents are required to have a library card to obtain a card for their children under 18.  Parents are responsible for their children’s materials and fines.

  * proof of a permanent Bryan County address  ( not a hotel )

    B.  Non-Resident:  Any person living outside Bryan County and not attending SOSU or Kiamichi Technology Center may check out materials after paying a $25 registration fee at each three year renewal of the library card.


Reference, Genealogy, and Current Magazines:
No patron will be allowed to check out these materials from the library.


Library Card Applicants:
Borrowers who are applying for a card for the first time will not be allowed to check out materials until the library card and their address are verified.  Patron may verify by showing proof of current address, such as utility bill or card will be mailed.

Circulation Period:
Library books and audios may be checked out of the library for three weeks, DVDs for three days, and video games for one week.  All materials may be renewed once unless they have been checked out from the waiting list.  Renewal of material not on the waiting list may be renewed by telephone.  Ten books, two DVDs, and one video game may be checked out to a single patron at a time.  Requests for checking out more than ten books times must be referred to the library director, and will be approved only in special instances at the discretion of the library director.

Waiting List:
Material will be held for a patron for ten days.  The patron will be notified via phone and/or email.  One week after the patron has been notified by email or phone they will receive a follow up reminder call.  The patron then has three more days to retrieve the material or it will be passed on to the next person on the hold list or put back on the shelf.

Lost Library Cards:

If a patron has forgotten or temporarily misplaced his library card, he may not check out books. The card may be replaced for a charge of $3.00.

Fines For Late Or Lost Library Materials Are Assessed Per Day As Follows:

Books & Audio………………………………………………………$0.10
Video Games……………………………………………………….$1.00

The replacement cost of a lost book, DVD, video game, launchpads,or audio book will be charged to the patron plus a $5.00 processing fee.  There are separate fees for replacing the components of the Launchpads (case, charging cord, charging brick, unit.)


Interlibrary Loan Policy:

Books may be requested from another library by patrons who currently have valid Donald W. Reynolds Library cards.   The lending library sets the length of loan period.  An interlibrary loan book must be returned on time so that the book may be returned to the original library to avoid overdue fines being charged to our library.  If the book is lost, the patron will pay the cost of replacement and any other charges assessed by the lending library. The cost of a lost interlibrary loan item will be assessed by the lending library.

There will be a charge of $1.50 per interlibrary loan request to help defer part of the cost of postage.  This fee will be paid in advance and if the library is unable to fill the request the fee will be refunded.  The fee will be waived for one ILL request per person each month.

Repeat offenders who have more than one interlibrary loan overdue or lost book will be able to place requests for an additional interlibrary loan, but the patron will not be allowed to take the book from the library.

Patrons will follow the policies of any participating library which allows books to be loaned.  If they do not follow these policies, they will no longer be able to use the interlibrary loan service, and use of their Donald W. Reynolds Library card may be revoked.

Loss of Library Privileges:
Patrons who do not return library materials by the third notice will have all library privileges cancelled; the use of their library card will be revoked until all fines are paid and materials returned.

Overdue Laws and Regulations: 
The Oklahoma law at Title 21 of the Oklahoma Statues Section 1739 provides as follows:

A person convicted of library theft shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be subject to imprisonment.  The punishment for conviction of library theft shall be:

  1. If the aggregate value of the library materials is five hundred dollars ($500.00) or less, by fine not exceeding one thousand dollars($1,000.00), or the offender shall make restitutions to the library facility, including payment of all related expenses incurred by the library facility, as a result of the actions of the offender, or both such fine and restitution; or

If the aggregate value of the library material is greater than five hundred dollars ($500.00), by fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) or the offender shall make restitution to the library facility, including payment of all expenses incurred by the library facility as a result of the transactions of the offender, or both such fine and restitution.