Circulation Policies

Statement of Policy

Service is the most important function of the library; the loan of material is the primary service activity of the library.

Definition of Service Area

The services and resources of the Donald W. Reynolds Library are available free of charge to anyone who lives in Bryan County or is a registered student at SOSU or the Kiamichi Technology Center.

Registration of Borrowers

Bryan County Resident: Library Cards are free to Bryan County residents. Both adult and juvenile borrowers are required to register by having an application card on file.
Patrons will be required to show official ID and proof of permanent Bryan County address, such as utility bill to receive a library card the same day of application or the card must be mailed to verify the address.( not a hotel)  All patrons must present their own library card to check out materials or use the computers. Parents must have a library card to obtain a library card for their children.

Resident: A patron card is sent through the U.S. Mail to verify the applicant’s address; this card is free to any member of a household in Bryan County. If an applicant gives false information, the library card will be withdrawn. All resident cards are issued for one year. Each patron is responsible for his own card.

Non-Resident: Any person living outside Bryan County and not attending SOSU or Kiamichi Technology Center may check out materials after paying a $25 registration fee at each three year renewal of the library card.

Reference, Genealogy, and Current Magazines

No patron will be allowed to check out these materials from the library.

Library Cards

All borrowers must present their own library card to check out materials or use the computer. Borrowers who are applying for a card for the first time will be required to show official ID and proof of current address, such as a utility bill in order to receive a card when they apply. Borrowers will not be allowed to check out materials until the library card and their address are verified.

Circulation Period

Library books and audios may be checked out of the library for three weeks, DVDs are checked out for three days, Video Games and playaways are checked out for one week. All materials may be renewed once unless they are on the waiting list. All material on the waiting list must be returned in the initial check out period. Renewal of material not on the waiting list may be renewed once by telephone or in person. Up to ten books, two DVDs, one video game, and one launchpad may be checked out to a single patron at a time.

Waiting List

Material will be held for a patron for one week after it is located and the patron has been notified by email or phone.

If the material is not picked up in one week, the next person on the waiting list will be contacted. Failure to pick up requested materials may result in the patron’s name being placed at the end of the waiting list or removed altogether. The next person in line for the materials will be determined by the date of the request, which is noted in the system.

Lost Library Cards

If a patron has forgotten or temporarily misplaced his library card, he may not check out books. The card may be replaced for a charge of $3.00.  If a patron has an account that is in good standing they may use their valid photo I.D. to get a one hour guest pass on the computer and may have a temporary pass to check out materials.

Fines for late or lost library materials:

Books & Audio Books
$0.10 per day.

$0.25 per day.

Video games & Launchpads
$1.00 per day.

The replacement cost will be charged to a patron for a lost or damaged book, DVD, audio book, video game, or launchpad plus a processing fee.

The cost of a lost interlibrary loan item will be assessed by the lending library and we may assess a processing fee.