Children in the Library

Disruptive and Unattended Children

The Library staff hopes the families who use the Library will see our facilities as warm, inviting and fun place to be. We also hope that children will visit the Library and develop a lifelong love of books, reading and libraries. However, we remind parents and guardians that they are responsible for their children while their children are at Library or attending programs.

Parents and guardians are responsible for their juvenile children while their children are at the Library. Children who are unable to look out for their own safety shall not be left unattended at the library. In no event may children 10 years of age or under be left unattended in the library. Parents are required to have a library card in order to obtain a card for their children.

(Oklahoma State Law (Title 15 ss13) defines a juvenile as a person under 18 years of age)

Closing Time Procedures

  1. Thirty minutes before closing the staff will urge all children to call for rides if needed.
  2. If children are still at the library at closing time, the police will be called and informed that there are unattended children at the library. The child will be left in the care of the police until the parent or guardian arrive. If the child is in the care of the police a notice will be posted on the door for the parent to go to the Police Station.
  3. Under no circumstances shall a staff member take a child out of the building or transport the child to another location.

Disruptive Children, Juvenile or Adults Procedures

When a complaint has been made the following shall be done:

  1. Staff shall ask the disruptive person to be quieter so other people are not disturbed.
  2. If the disruptive behavior continues, staff may ask the person to leave.   If the behavior continues staff can tell the person they cannot come back for a week. After coming back and they still are being disruptive then they cannot come back for two weeks. On the third time the Police Department will be called.
  3. In the case of a disruptive child (age 10 or under) the staff should inform the parents or guardians.
  4. The individual or family will be asked to leave if parents or guardians are unable to control their Child.

Lost Children Procedures

  1. Lost or frightened children should be brought to the Circulation Desk.
  2. If parent or guardian is not located in 15 minutes a staff member will call the police and the child will be left in the care of the police until a parent or guardian is located.

Scheduled Program Procedures

  1. Parents are strongly encouraged to accompany their children into the library to confirm the scheduled program is available for their child.
  2. Sometimes library programs require preregistration or some attract a full capacity crowd in the meeting room.
  3. Children who are unable to look out for their own safety should not be left unattended at the Library.

Parents Leaving Children or Juveniles

Under no circumstances will a staff member agree to watch (baby-sit) a child or Juvenile while a parent or guardian leaves the area or the building.

Any Juvenile who comes to the Library and destroys or defaces public property will be turned over to the Police Department and the Police Department will get in touch with the parents.