Internet and Wireless Access

21 computers for Internet Use

16 for adults, 4 for children, and 1 for the Career Center.

Internet access is filtered by Open DNS. We follow CIPA guidelines. If you access offensive material you will be asked to leave the computer.

Copy Right Notice

It is against the law in this country to download copyright protected material without permission from the copyright holder. Typically the materials involved are popular movie and computer games. Illegal activity, at "torrent" sites in particular, is actively monitored by copyright holders, who issue complaints to the city and library. When such activity has been detected there will be every attempt to be made to locate the offender.

Patrons may sign-in at a computer using their patron ID.

At the time of sign-in they must also agree to comply with the Library Computer Use Policy. If any patron misrepresents himself or signs himself in with another name, his Internet & computer privileges will be revoked.


  • All log ins start with 2 hours, even guest passes, with the option to extend for up to 1 more hour.
  • A valid photo id is needed to get a reservation with a guest pass.
  • Patrons may log in with their library card, making their own reservation.
  • Unlimited log ins for library card holders & guests.