Equipment Use Policy

Copy Machine

Only library staff will put paper in the paper tray, clear copier jams, replace toner, make repairs and/or call for service.

Copies cost $.10 per page.

Fax Machine

The fax machine is provided for public use; however, the library staff reserves the right to deny use of the fax machine under certain circumstances: transmission to foreign countries, transmission or receipt of pornographic; materials, etc.

Requests to and from city government offices or to and from serials exchanges libraries are free of charge.

Cost for Faxes

  • Transmitting: $1.00 for the first copy
  • $.25 for each page thereafter
  • Receiving $.10 per page

Patrons must provide the document to be transmitted in an acceptable form (e.g. single page format).

Patron or staff members may fill out a cover sheet, so the receiving location will know who is receiving the fax.

Patrons should keep this copy for their records with the printed confirmation.

All copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code) covers any request between libraries.

These include an indication on each request that the request conform to CCG 108-g (2) guidelines or CCL (the remaining provisions of the copyright law).Section 109-g (2) limits requests for articles from specific periodical titles to five filled requests within calendar year from articles published in the periodical within the past five years.

Notary Service

A fee of $5.00 will be charged for notary service.

Proctor Services

A service of $5.00 per hour will be charged for test proctoring.

Microfilm Reader

The microfilm reader is located in the Genealogy Section of the library. One may use the reader to look up newspaper articles.

The fee charged for printing articles is $.10 a page.


A laminator is provided for patron convenience, but it is only to be operated by the library staff.
The library staff reserves the right to deny use of the laminator.
Requests from City of Durant offices are free.

Laminating fees are as follows: Cards – $.50, 8×10 sheets – $2.00, and $1.50 per foot.