Severe Weather Policy

Severe Weather – Tornado Watch

The director or the supervisor in charge receiving the severe weather or tornado watch shall notify all customers in the library.

The director or supervisor in charge will monitor the watch and communicate with Emergency Management.

Emergency Management will notify the director or supervisor when a tornado warning appears to be imminent.

In the event of an impending severe weather or a possible tornado warning the library will be closed immediately and the building will be evacuated.

In the event of a tornado warning, without advanced notification, all persons in the library will be sent to the designated “Safest Place Available”.

Director or supervisor will notify Emergency Management of the number and location in the library where people are sheltering in place.

The library is not a public storm shelter and does not meet the Federal Guidelines for a Public Tornado Shelter, and therefore, will NOT be used for the purpose of a Public Tornado Shelter.

Approved by the DWR Library Board: March 9, 2016

Where to Go in the Building

  • Occupants of the Black Box Theater will go to the theater bathrooms.
  • Occupants of the CC Meeting Room will go to the public restrooms.
  • Occupants of All other library areas will go to the public restrooms.
  • Staff will go to the staff bathroom and the employee safe area.