Friday, July 29th 12-4pm

Tawny the Bird: Who Would Rather Swim than Fly

by Linda Reed

In a highly entertaining, yet instructive debut intended for children, ages 6-7, Reed’s feisty Tawny, a determined young bird with the courage to follow her dreams, discovers her parents are her best source of support and guidance in the face of adversity. Parents and kids alike will enjoy Ms. Reed’s captivating storytelling as she inspires young minds to think outside-the-box.


Soul Shaken

by Shelly Ford

Written during the most difficult and tragic time of her life, Soul Shaken is the powerful and moving window into a mother’s soul. The words and feelings in this book are unedited and uncensored. What you will read is the pure reaction and emotion of a mother who is struggling to cope with, and understand the death of her 19 year old daughter. This is a topic that cannot be written about accurately by someone who has never experienced the loss of a child, but for someone who has suffered that kind of loss, the words ring truer than any others.