Book Signings

After traveling the world for fourteen years as an American Airlines flight attendant, Oklahoma author, basketball coach and Special Education teacher Linda Reed states, “The idea to help children think outside the box in order to achieve their goals and conquer any obstacles came to me early in my teaching career. It just took a few years for me to overcome my own challenges, one of which was obtaining an M.A. in Special Education. That’s why I love Tawny so much!”

Linda Reed has been sharing her special talents with students for over ten years now. Excited at finally launching her writing career, she looks forward to helping children reach their fullest potential through the art of storytelling for many years to come.


Come meet Linda on June 3rd & 7th in the library lobby where she will be doing book signings.  She will also be a special guest at Story Time on Friday, June 3rd at 10:00am.